Counseling, Medication

Welcome to Parkside Shibata Mental Health Clinic web site
Parkside Shibata Mental Health Clinic is a comprehensive provider of psychiatric outpatients clinic service.
We offer the treatment for various aspects of psychiatric conditions such as,acute psychosis,Depression,Panic attack,Insomnia,Eating disorder,Social Phobia(Social Anxiety Disorder),Epilepsy and senile psychosis,Dementia etc.
Treatment programs we offer are with sufficient counseling and suitable medications.
Recently foreigners with depressive state caused by maladaptation to Japanese society have been on the increase.
Please contact us before the conditions got worse.
Not only psychiatric services we can provide general medicine service.
For the prevent of cerebrovascular disease, We must take a continuous attention to hypertension and hyperglycemia and also hyperlipidemia.
These uncontrolled condition will cause serious result.
Electroencepharograph check provided.
A medical opinion for the wardship judge under the civil law can be drew up.
Please contact directly.

2. The information of the corona virus vaccination.  

The latest information from Yokohama city medical association. March 1st 2021

The vaccination will be started in the order as follows.

1. 65 years old or older people.

2. 64 years old or younger but has chronic disease ,like hypertension ,heart ,kidney liver immune disease etc or obesity with body mass index 35or more.

1. 15 to 64years old healthy people.

2. So far, there is no clear evidence of efficacy for the 14 years old or younger.


Now,it,s supposed to be started in April.


You can recieve the injection at 

1.clinics nearby

2.especially prepared places or facilities by the municipal office .


To the people entitled to receive the Vaccine ,the voucher will be sent from the City office.

Visit the clinics with the voucher and make an appointment for the vaccination.

Second shot is necessary 3 weeks after the first shot to boost your immunity against the corona virus.


Everything will be done free including doctor,s. fee.

Clinic Location
Yokohama, Naka-ku Yamashita-cho 25 Ueda building 2nd floor →MAP
Tokyu Corporation Toyoko Line Direct Yokohama MINATOMIRAI Railway Nihon-odori Station or Motomachi-Chukagai Station is only 4 minutes walk from our clinic.
Please take a taxi or Bus from JR " Sakuragi-cho Station". You will arrive in just 5 minutes to our clinic.

Clinic is located near the Yamashita Park, Yokohama Bay front. Behind the "Kanagawa Prefectural Hall", MIZUMACHI street.
About 150 years ago the city was opened leaderly after the break of seclusionism under EDO era.
So this area was used to be the foreign residense(Bruff).
If you have a chance to visit this exotic town in Japan, please visit our clinic not only for medical service.
All Japanese official insurance plans are accepted. With public insurance needed fee are about 3000yen.
If you don't have these insurance,it cost about one and a half times official insurance rate for the services.
Estimated cost(with no insurance):Only for couceling(first time) :about 16000yen (second time~):about 8000yen.
Credit cards are accepted.(VISA, NICOS and DINERS)
For more informations,please contact us by telephone or Fax.
Phone No.045-222-0336(For only reservation call No.045-222-0338) Fax No.045-222-0337
online psychiatric service and medication available. Contact Skype ID hshibata1755, (050) 5806-7303